Earnings vs. rewards vs. liquidity

Types of rewards

When you connect your wallet to the Keep dashboard, you can view three different types of “rewards” from different kinds of revenue-generation mechanisms.

The three types of rewards are: earnings, staking rewards, and liquidity rewards.


Earnings refer to the ETH you receive as a reward when you bond ETH on top of your KEEP staking delegation. Your earnings are correlated with the amount of ETH you have bonded; the more you bond, the more you earn.

Staking Rewards

Staking rewards refer to the KEEP you earn as rewards when you stake KEEP. The more staking delegations you have, the more KEEP you will receive as rewards. The more ETH you bond as well, the more KEEP you will receive.

Liquidity Rewards

Outside of staking KEEP or bonding ETH on the Keep network, you can provide liquidity to certain pools in the Ethereum DeFi space and earn KEEP as a reward. Those available pools are:

When you connect your wallet used to fund the pools above to the Keep dashboard, you can view the status of the pools and the KEEP rewards. Unlike staking KEEP and bonding ETH, you cannot manage your liquidity pools from the Keep dashboard, but you can stay on top of them.

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