Staking minimums

What is minimum stake?

Staking on the Keep network requires KEEP holders to stake a minimum amount of KEEP.

This minimum stake is required whether you are operating your own node or delegating KEEP to a staking provider. The minimum stake is on a diminishing schedule, which means it will continue to drop over time.

The higher minimum stake amounts at this time are meant to incentivize higher allocations of capital to the network, thus ensuring greater security. Our currently-high APYs are designed to rewards KEEP holders who meet this minimum stake threshold.

Minimum stake schedule

In the image above and in the table chart below are the dates and corresponding minimum stakes for the minimum stake diminishing schedule.


Minimum Stake

April 28, 2020

100,000 KEEP

July 10, 2020

90,000 KEEP

Sep 21, 2020

80,000 KEEP

Dec 3, 2020

70,000 KEEP

Feb 14, 2021

60,000 KEEP

Apr 28, 2021

50,000 KEEP

July 10, 2021

40,000 KEEP

Sep 21, 2021

30,000 KEEP

Dec 3, 2021

20,000 KEEP

Feb 14, 2022

10,000 KEEP

I can't stake the minimum

Maybe you own just under the minimum stake and want to earn rewards while you wait for the next threshold to go down. Or maybe you don’t want to spend the money to acquire the minimum stake. That’s ok! There are other ways to leverage the reward structure of the Keep network even without the minimum stake:

Provide liquidity to a KEEP pool

If you provide liquidity to certain pools in the DeFi ecosystem, you can earn rewards in KEEP. These pools require no minimum KEEP amounts. KEEP reward pools include

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