Frequently asked questions about staking with KEEP.

Staking FAQ

How do I get KEEP tokens?

There are three ways to get KEEP tokens today:

  1. Buy tokens on an exchange. KEEP is available on Uniswap, Balancer, and Kraken.

  2. Contribute to liquidity pools on Uniswap and earn KEEP as a reward.

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How do I stake KEEP tokens?

You can stake KEEP tokens through the Keep staking dashboard. Stakers are able to operate a node themselves or delegate their KEEP to a staking provider. Visit the staking dashboard to get started, or learn more about staking:

pageKEEP staking 101pageNavigating the token dashboard

Is there a minimum staking amount?

There is a minimum staking amount to stake on the Keep network as an independent node operator or with a staking provider. The minimum stake reduces over time on a set calendar. To learn about your options to earn KEEP even if you don’t have the minimum KEEP stake available, check out this guide:

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What is the difference between “staking” and “stakedrop”?

Staking refers to the most complete way to stake on the Keep network. There are two variations of staking. You can stake with a minimum of KEEP tokens, or you can stake both the minimum KEEP and bond a desired amount of ETH in order to support the Keep network. By both staking KEEP and bonding ETH, stakers maximize their KEEP and ETH rewards.

Stakedrop just refers to any period of time during which KEEP rewards are available to stakers under a certain set of conditions.

What are the risks of staking?

Slashing in the Keep and tBTC systems is not designed to be punitive, and is rather to protect the security of the network from malicious behaviors. Learn more about this here:

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Rewards FAQ

What are the rewards of staking?

Stakers are rewarded in both ETH and KEEP for staking on the Keep network, relative to how much KEEP they stake and ETH they bond. Learn more about Keep rewards:

pageStaking rewardspageEarnings vs. rewards vs. liquidity

I don't see my rewards in my wallet?

You'll need to manually claim your rewards on the Rewards page in the token dashboard.

Contracts FAQ

I see an "Upgrade My Stake" notification banner in the token dashboard. What is this?

There's a newly upgraded staking contract! The Keep team has designed a stake copying process that allows existing stake on the old contract to be immediately copied to the new contract while any stake on the old contract undelegates. Once you have staked on the new contract, you'll also need to authorize the updated beacon contract. This process is quick and user friendly, but for additional support we've also compiled instructions:

Token Grants FAQ

I don't see my token grant tokens in my wallet?

You won't be able to see KEEP tokens that are in a token grant directly in your wallet’s interface. You will be able to see them in the token dashboard. Once tokens have unlocked (vested), you can withdraw them from the token grant. Then you'll see the tokens in your wallet. Tokens that you've purchased or own will show in your wallet.

Ropsten FAQ

How do I use the Ropsten testnet version of the Token Dashboard?

Refer to the instructions here:

pageAccess Ropsten testnet

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