Staking providers

We have the following providers already set up and prepared to work with clients. Please reach out to one of these staking provider reps and they’ll start to get you onboarded. Once you have the required information from your chosen staking provider, you will still initiate and manage your staking delegation from the Keep dashboard.
Let us know if you need recommendations or introductions by joining our Discord.
Staking Provider
Contact Name
Yannik Folla
Tim Ogilvie
Viktor Bunin
Konstantin Richter
Piotr Dyraga
If you have another staking provider you’d prefer to work with, we’re happy to work with other partners to get them and you set up. Please reach out to us at [email protected].
If you are planning on staking more than $1MM USD in KEEP, please reach out to Carolyn Reckhow, our Head of Business Development, at [email protected]. We will help you with your next steps.