KEEP staking 101

Staking KEEP on the Keep Network

Keep is not a typical proof of stake (PoS) network because this generally refers to using staking for consensus. Keep uses staking for work selection, but relies on the host chain (Ethereum or, soon, Celo) for consensus.

In order to earn rewards, you must participate in the ecosystem by staking KEEP. Staking on the Keep network requires staking a minimum amount of KEEP and bonding ETH. The amount of ETH bonded affects your APY, and you may progressively increase the amount of ETH bonded

You may operate your own node or delegate your KEEP to a staking provider and allow them to operate a node on your behalf. Start staking through the Keep staking dashboard.

Staking Rewards

The benefit KEEP tokens accrue to holders is relative to the amount of stake delegated - i.e. the user’s commitment to the network. Rewards are a factor of the minimum amount of KEEP staked and the amount of ETH bonded. Those with more β€œskin in the game” reap greater rewards. Get all the details about earning rewards here:

Getting KEEP

You can get KEEP by buying it on an exchange or participating in liquidity pools. Learn more about where and how to get KEEP:

To stake on the Keep network, a minimum amount of KEEP must be staked. This applies if you are staking yourself or if you are staking with a provider. To learn about the minimums and your options to still earn rewards if you do not have the minimum, see:

Manage your KEEP

KEEP Token Grants

A token grant is an amount of tokens released to a grantee via a time-bound unlocking scheme. You can withdraw tokens gradually to a wallet based on the cliff and the unlocking duration.

There are two types of token grants: permissive and non-permissive.

  • Permissive token grants give the grantee the ability to stake unlocked tokens in addition to all of their granted tokens, even those that have not yet unlocked.

  • Non-permissive token grants give the grantee the ability to stake unlocked tokens in addition to 3 months of granted but unlocked tokens. The remaining granted tokens cannot be staked until they are within the 3 month period of being unlocked.

If you do not know whether you have a permissive or non-permissive token grant, the Keep staking and token dashboard will make it known when you connect your wallet.

Note that unlocked tokens in a token grant will not show up in your wallet. They are available to view in the token dashboard. Once unlocked tokens are withdrawn, they will show in your wallet balance.

KEEP in Wallets

Withdrawn KEEP tokens from a token grant or purchased KEEP tokens will show in your wallet balance. KEEP token holders can stake their KEEP tokens and earn rewards using the Keep token dashboard β†—

Keep Dashboard

The Keep dashboard is your home base to stake KEEP, manage your staking delegations, review your token grants, check on your rewards, and more. Head to the Keep token dashboard β†—

To first learn more about the Keep dashboard, see:

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