Getting Started

In this guide, you'll find all the information you need to stake on the Keep Network and start earning rewards.

πŸ‘‰ Earn rewards with KEEP staking

Learn how you can earn rewards by staking with your KEEP tokens:

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🚩 How do I stake? (TL;DR version)

Here’s the 30,000 foot view of how to stake on the Keep network in 4 steps:

1. Learn about the Keep network. Understand what the Keep network does, its value to the ecosystem, and the risks/rewards of staking on it.

pageAbout the Keep Network

2. Acquire KEEP. Buy, earn, or acquire enough KEEP to stake on the network. Staking on the KEEP network requires a minimum amount of KEEP to be staked. Staking to earn rewards also requires ETH to be bonded.

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3. Stake. Stake either yourself or with a staking provider. Connect your wallet to stake your KEEP and bond your ETH and begin earning rewards. Start staking through the Keep dashboard.

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4. Manage stake. Check in on your staking delegation(s), bond more ETH, view your rewards, and more all on the Keep dashboard. Head to the Keep token dashboard β†—

🏰 What is the Keep Network?

The Keep network is Ethereum’s first private computer, able to store and compute data hidden even from itself. Staking with Keep is the best way to back a truly decentralized network and the future of DeFi.

Keep launched first on Ethereum, and the network is crafted to easily allow crosschain functionality, starting with tBTC. tBTC is the first solution to tokenized bitcoin on Ethereum that stays true to fundamental Bitcoin ideals like security, confidentiality, and decentralization.

Learn more about the Keep network:

pageAbout the Keep Network

πŸ₯‡ About KEEP Tokens

KEEP tokens are the tokens native to the Keep network. KEEP help secure the Keep network and applications built on top (like tBTC) by providing an incentive for operators to secure keeps and ensure data remains private.

KEEP can be staked through the token dashboard to help secure the network and earn rewards as an incentive.

pageHow to get KEEP

🚩 About Staking

Staking on the Keep network is the best way to earn with your ETH. You can stake yourself or stake using a staking provider, and can manage everything through the token dashboard.

pageKEEP staking 101

πŸ“Š Managing Rewards

After you’ve staked, view your rewards, manage your stake, bond more ETH, and/or withdraw your funds all through your token dashboard. Head to the Keep token dashboard β†—

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ FAQ

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about Keep staking:


πŸ’» Are you a developer looking to get involved?

Check out our technical documentation in Github here and join our Discord! Read more about how Keep technology sets tBTC apart as the only decentralized solution for Bitcoin on Ethereum:

pageAbout the Keep Network

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