Address A unique identifier that serves as a virtual location

Authorizer Authorizes contracts to protect against buggy or compromised upgrades. Because slashing stakes requires arbitrary access to stakers' accounts, explicit authorization is required for each operator contract before it may penalize stakers. The role of the authorizer can be delegated to a third party, and it is expected that many would do so.

Beneficiary Collects any rewards earned by the operator.

Delegation Setting aside an amount of KEEP to be staked by a trusted third party (referred to within the token dashboard as an β€˜operator’).

KEEP The native token on the Keep Network and the token used to stake.

Minimum Stake Amount The minimum amount of tokens required by the staking smart contract.

Operator Handles the day-to-day participation in the network operations. The operator provides services in the network by following the protocols of authorized operator contracts.

Owned Tokens KEEP tokens that have unlocked (ie. vested) from your token grant over time, and are now available to withdraw in addition to delegate.

Releasing Tokens If you wish to withdraw your tokens from a token grant, these tokens must be released from your vested balance. You can do this by click "Release Tokens" in your token grant.

Slashing A slash is a penalty for signing group misbehavior. It results in the removal of a portion of your delegated KEEP tokens (usually one minimum stake).

Stake An amount of KEEP that is bonded in order to participate in the threshold relay and, optionally, the Keep network.

Stake Amount Total KEEP deposited for a single stake.

Signing Group One complete signing group in the threshold relay. Refers to the signing group that will complete the next relay entry candidate. If this group fails to respond in time, the responsibility may shift to another group.

Signing Member One member of one complete signing group in the threshold relay. tBTC Keep is the builder of tBTC, the safe way for BTC holders to earn on Ethereum. tBTC is the open-source and permissionless bridge connecting Bitcoin to Ethereum and other chains. Known for security and transparency, tBTC is the preferred solution for Bitcoin holders and dApps integrating Bitcoin. The Keep work token (KEEP) enables tBTC to be decentralized. KEEP holders can run tBTC or stake to become signers. The tBTC dApp uses TBTC, an ERC-20 token that acts as a bridge between the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. Token Grant A token grant is an amount of tokens granted to the grantee via unlocking scheme and can be withdrawn gradually based on the unlocking cliff and the unlocking duration. It has the additional functionality of allowing for stake delegation and undelegation. Technical documentation in GitHub here.

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