About KEEP tokens

The KEEP token powers the Keep Network.


The Keep Network's native token is KEEP. KEEP token holders are eligible to earn rewards by staking their tokens and performing work on the network. This is the key incentive that drives constructive behavior, facilitates efficiency and trust, and promotes the adoption and growth of the Keep network.

KEEP is a work token — holding it confers the right to perform key functions on the network. Token holders must delegate a minimum amount of KEEP as collateral in order to be eligible.

Token holders can stake tokens via the Keep token dashboard. Learn more here:

What if I don't have KEEP?

Today, the best way to get the amount required for staking (minimum stake) is to earn it or buy it on the open market.

KEEP can be earned via Playing for Keeps, the incentivized testnet program that has bootstrapped many early stakers. Playing for Keeps let’s community members prove their mettle as stakers and contribute to the network for a chance to win a spot staking on mainnet. You can read more about joining Playing for Keeps on our blog.

Another way to earn KEEP is liquidity rewards. Acting as a liquidity provider for tBTC on curve.fi and other platforms will soon be rewarded weekly with KEEP.

Finally, KEEP can be bought on the open market on Balancer or Uniswap.

KEEP Staking Rewards

The benefit KEEP tokens confer to holders is relative to the amount of stake delegated and therefore to the user’s commitment to the network. Those with more “skin in the game” reap greater rewards. Get all the details about earning rewards here: